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An effective way to improve the sedimentation effect of sedimentation tank


An effective way to improve the sedimentation effect of sedimentation tank

The sedimentation tank is the most widely used treatment structure in the sewage treatment process. How to improve the removal efficiency of the sedimentation tank and reduce the volume of the sedimentation tank is worthy of discussion.

In addition to the addition of sloping plates (tubes) in the sedimentation zone to improve the separation effect and treatment capacity of the sedimentation tank, other methods include: aeration agitation of the sewage and returning part of the activated sludge.

Aeration agitation is the use of agitation of bubbles to promote the interaction of suspended particles in the sewage, resulting in natural flocculation. With this pre-aeration method, the precipitation efficiency can be increased by 5 % to 8 %, and the aeration amount per cubic meter of sewage is about 0.5 m 3 . The pre-aeration method should generally be carried out in a dedicated structure, a pre-aeration tank or a bioflocculation tank.

The remaining activated sludge is added to the human sewage, and the activity of the sludge is utilized to generate adsorption and flocculation. This process is called bioflocculation. This method has been widely used at home and abroad. With this method, the precipitation efficiency can be increased by 10 % to 15 % compared with the original sedimentation tank, the removal rate of BOD 5 can be increased by more than 15 %, and the dosage of activated sludge is generally between 100 and 400 mg / L.

In the industrial sewage treatment, due to the non-uniformity of water quality and quantity, a sewage regulating tank is generally provided, and some aeration equipment is arranged in the regulation, which can effectively improve the degree of sewage treatment, and can also prevent sludge from being deposited in the regulating tank.

For the secondary settling tank in the activated sludge process system, there must be a process of re-flocculation when the mixture of the aeration tank enters the secondary settling tank. Studies have shown that the effect of re-flocculation will greatly affect the properties and sedimentation performance of activated sludge. Therefore, the self-flocculation problem of activated sludge after entering the secondary settling tank is worthy of study.

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